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​​ajogu idachaba

A R T I S T   C O N S T R U C T

An Artist is saddled with the responsibility to strive constantly to produce artworks that display an aesthetic energy that is engaging, powerful and compelling. As much as an artist should be sensitive to the pulse of his or her society, environment and, or community, it is important not to narrow inspiration and creative drive to mere philosophical construct, or be subject to the whims of the pressure to dance in sync with the discordant tunes of mob psychology, but to find a way to take what seemingly is considered mundane and ordinary and use our creative ingenuity to chip away all the non-essentials that are likely to interfere with the creative process and produce artworks that are phenomenal and unprecedented.

My works are inspired and driven by the philosophical construct that “the key to life is movement”. Movement exemplified in nature at various levels. My works seek to explore the fluid organic expression of life and movement made 

visible in nature and sometimes in inanimate objects. Close observation shows that nothing in nature has a perfect straight line in its formation. This is a clue letting us know that even nature abhors rigidity and stagnation. In my creative process I seek to focus my energy in exploring the dynamics of fluidity in forms and substance, and also the harmonious discord of space that exist between the things we see all around us and how this can be “distilled” into linear forms with strong bold strokes and colors that keep the art connoisseur, the avid collector and the art enthusiast asking for more.

This is my statement. ©


Ajogu Idachaba

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